Well known for its production of sparkling wine

Market Days – Tuesday (small) and Friday.

Nizza Monferato

Small local town with seventeenth century arcades, balconies, shops, restaurants and enoteche.

Market Days – Friday

Antiques Market – 3rd Sunday of each month



Famous for the ’Palio di Asti’ (bare back horserace)

Market Days – Wednesday and Saturday



The ‘truffle’ capital of Piedmont with a very good tourist Information office

Market Days – Sunday


Acqui Terme

Well known spa town

Market Days – Tuesday



This is the home of the amaretti (macaroon). The town is located very near to the Berta distillery, so great to combine the visits. Berta actually has a lovely café in the village where you can by their grappas and amaretti as well as have something to eat, an ice cream or just a coffee:


Also one of our favourite places for dark chocolate coated amaretti is Pasticceria Arudi Mirella, Piazza del Popolo, 3, in Monbaruzzo (+39 0141 770 63). They are the ones in the dark blue wrappers!



Other places of interest, Bra, Barolo, Casale and Cuneo.